“I love your back support for my patients and more importantly, they tell me that THEY LOVE it AND it is the least expensive, most comfortable and supportive back support on the market.”

- V. Davis, Physical Therapist, New Orleans, LA

"Kiss My Back is great! My first one lives in my car, and I recently got another for home. I now always take one to the movies, and have used it for plane and bus travel. After eight months of physical therapy, Kiss My Back is what makes sitting tolerable, if not painless. Thanks for this great product!"

Jane, Maryland

"I purchased 2 of your Back Supports yesterday at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I must say that I purchased the first one and just placed it in the driver’s seat and after getting into the car, I couldn’t believe how quickly my aching back felt better. I was so impressed, that I went back into the store and bought another one for my husband. I may even go back and get a couple more just so that I don’t have to move them to other chairs. A great product, thank you."

Susan Sommer, Mascoutah, IL

"As the CFO of a company, I spend most of my day sitting and staring at a computer screen. Usually, by the end of the day, I’m rubbing the back of my neck between my shoulder blades to try and alleviate the pain.

I’ve been using Kiss My Back for about 3 weeks now. After installing it… which, by the way, was a snap… and after a few days of getting used to its unique shape, I’ve not had to rub my neck once! WHAT A RELIEF!

I’ve since recommended this to my wife, who’s recently returned to school. She spends lots of time sitting at our kitchen table (in hard wooden chairs) doing her homework. She is using a KMB on one of the chairs and she loves it as well!

Thanks for a great… and truly useful… product!"

C. Patafio, Valencia, CA

"I, Dr. David Reuben, have been using the Kiss My Back back support for the last few months as I work, as I sit at my desk, and as something to aid with my tired low back. I use the Kiss My Back daily and plan to continue to keep it on my desk chair. It has definitely helped my back."

Dr. David R., D.C.

"Our patients love this product. They use it while waiting in our waiting room and immediately want to buy one. They recognize and experience the benefits right away. One patient bought one for herself and after taking it to her quilting group, everyone in the group wanted to purchase the back supports for themselves."

Michael, Chiropractor, Agoura Hills, CA

"We sell this product to our patients. They usually end up buying more than one for their home, work, car, friends and family. The Kiss My Back® back support allows our patients to sit for longer periods of time with less pain. It's a great product and I recommend it to everyone who wants to sit comfortably."

Bernie, Physical Therapist, Westlake Village, CA

"Our patients really like this product. One patient told us "I take it wherever I go." Another patient bought one for herself and she liked it so much that she bought more for her friends. This product promotes good low back support and erect posture. We recommend it to many of our patients."

Karyn, Chiropractor, Thousand Oaks, CA

"I received the Kiss My Back as an office Christmas present from my boss. He actually gave one to everyone in the office because he raved about how well it has worked for him. We all gave it a try. This product has single-handedly made my days in the office more comfortable. Even my wife and children have noticed a difference in my posture, and I feel better every day. I will now be buying these for my dining room table and cars because this product acturally works."

- B. Perryman, Client Relationship Manager, Fulton, MD

"My experience using the Kiss My Back back support can be characterized in two words...'very satisfying'. It engages my low back and provides comfort and relief for my whole body. The design impressed me as it accommodates to any type of chair. My wife tried it and took it for herself. I then bought another one for myself."

- Dennis, Financial Advisor/Tax Specialist, Thousand Oaks, CA

"The Kiss My Back back support has been a great help in reducing my back pain. Now I can sit in comfort at work and go home without the pain that I had before. I love it. It really works!"

- Sherry, Medical Office Manager, Agoura Hills, CA

"The Kiss My Back product is a comfortable solution when you need extra lumbar support. It fits the natural curve of my lower back better than other lumbar supports, and keeps my chair much cooler, so I can use it for longer periods of time in comfort. It looks great too, and is very well made."

- Mark, Editor, Rider Magazine, Ventura, CA

"Kiss My Back has meant 'good-bye to my aching back'. This means everything to people like me who sit at their computer for hours each day...such a small investment for such great gains!"

- Rick, Insurance Specialist, Van Nuys, CA

"Kiss My Back works so well for my needs. It fits perfectly on all of the office chairs that we own, and the feeling of support that it provides creates a restful space for me to relax in to my chair, even though we are constantly on the computer.

Kiss My Back is certainly a product that I would give to all of our friends. My husband bought them for all the employees in his office to give each of them a sense of well being while at work. We love our Kiss My Back back supports!!!! Thank you.”

- Marilyn Salmanson, Woodland Hills, CA

"I just bought your "Kiss My Back" back support and can't believe what a great design it is! Through the years I have bought many different back supports because I am short and I always need them in my office chairs and even in the car......and I hadn't found a really good one until now. Your product fits perfectly, stays in place, and is so comfortable because I can adjust its height......Just wanted to pass that along to you."

- Jo P., Westlake Village, CA

"I got this back support for Christmas. I've been using it in my car and I love it!! I'm a taller guy, so car seats just push my shoulders forward and give me no lumbar support. This gives me support wherever I want to put it. I even bring it inside to put on my computer chair. Highly recommend!"

- A. Chandler, Michigan

I LOVE my "kiss my back"! For over a year now I have been dealing with an annoying "ache" in my shoulder. Some days it felt like someone was poking me with a needle. I had a feeling it had to do with my work station not being ergonomically correct. I made numberous changes but nothing seemed to help for more than a day or two. It had been over a week since I started using "kiss my back" and I have had NO aches or pain at all. I can't believe it!

This is a wonderful product and I have already started recommending it to my co-workers, friends and family. Thank you.

- Shari C., Operations Administrator & Mom, Syracuse, NY

"I'll start by saying that I know I have bad posture. I slouch all the time, especially when I'm sitting, no matter what kind of chair I'm in. On top of that, I'm pregnant so it has been impossible for me to get comfortable. Forget trying to figure out adjusting the chair's lumbar support at work, pfff..so when I saw this item I was in awe. Finally, something I can use in my car and at work! It's lightweight and very well designed. I am super comfortable when I'm driving and when I'm sitting in front of the computer at work for 8 hours at a time. Now I sit up straight! I highly recommend this item!"

- Coma White, San Antonio, TX

"Kiss My Back is certainly a product that I would give to all of our friends. My husband bought them for all the employees in his office to give each of them a sense of well being while at work. We love our Kiss My Back back supports!!!! Thank you.”

- Diana, Realtor, Westlake Village, CA

"This really helped me with back support at work and I no longer have lower back pain after a long day at the office!"

- Tracey Tymorek

"I just bought this and I'm so happy about it. I'm kind of short - 5'2" - and my feet tend to kind of dangle in the air on office chairs. I just recently thought that there should be some kind of product for those of us that don't quite sit all the way to the back of the chair. I've experimented somewhat with pillows behind my back, but it didn't quite work so well.

I just went to the store to get something else and happened to see this and picked it up, as it seemed to offer exactly what I had been looking for. It's sooooo comfortable. I love it!"

- Michaela Graham

"I originally saw this product at a store and bought one for my husband because he has a bad back. He loves it and says that it allows him to sit for long periods of time without discomfort. I went back to buy more. Highly recommend it."

- Avg. Mom, Long Island, NY

"I have had back problems all of my life with Scoliosis, a loose disc, and several soccer related injuries. My back is always stiff and in spasm. My new chair at work was incredibly unsupportive. This simple and inexpensive fix not only solved that problem but also helps with stiffness and pain caused by sleeping or my daily routine! I love it and wish I had gotten one sooner."

- Avid Shopper

"I purchased the Kiss my back! brand ergonomic mesh back support at a bricks & mortar retailer. It was remarkably easy to secure to my desk chair, which is a fairly standard high back office chair.

The experience with the back support is Excellent. I look forward to many years of use. Compared to the pillow-style support I used previously, this is a huge step forward in terms of comfort. The styling is simple and it comes in black, so it should blend in easily with almost any standard sized office chair.

I give it 5 stars for something that I will use all the time, plus the ease of installation, and the comfort I am deriving from its use."

- M. Salazar

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