What is KMB?

KISS MY BACK® Makes Every Chair a Better Chair. Most office, car and kitchen chairs do not provide adequate low back (lumbar) support. KISS MY BACK® solves this problem by providing a flexible ergonomic body-conforming design that provides excellent spinal stability and comfort.

With prolonged sitting in an office chair or a long car ride for both the driver and the passenger, this product "does the trick."

You will be able to sit longer in comfort without the usual "aching back and neck" associated with prolonged sitting.

Core stability in a sitting position begins with good low back support. The Kiss My Back back support reinforces the natural curve of the lumbar spine. This in turn straightens the neck, shoulders and upper back. With an erect well-supported spine, soft tissue stress is decreased in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and gluteal area (buttocks).

Bottom line, with KISS MY BACK® you get more comfort, less pain, and increased productivity in any sitting position.

This product fits ALL office chairs and car seats.

KISS MY BACK® offers a secure and universal fit utilizing an effective "Adjustable Buckle and Durable Nylon Strap System" which prevents slippage and holds the unit in place.

KISS MY BACK® utilizes a durable mesh fabric on a strong lightweight metal frame. The mesh fabric allows for comfortable airflow minimizing perspiration.

It is durable and light weight for portability.

KISS MY BACK® now offers the exclusive "Comfort Seat Cushion" as the 'perfect compliment' to this useful & efficient product. The combo KISS MY BACK® and Comfort Seat Cushion "Doubles Your Comfort" by providing support and comfort on both the vertical and horizontal planes. The Comfort Seat Cushion provides a more flexible and cushioned support for the gluteal area (buttocks) than provided by an ordinary chair. This allows for better circulation and prevents the sore aching feeling that is felt with prolonged sitting. It is the ideal horizontal and vertical juxtaposition of support. In short, the KISS MY BACK® and Comfort Seat Cushion support your 'back and bottom'. It's your "Combo Ensemble" for sitting in comfort!

Additional Medical Information

As we age, the elasticity and strength of our spinal discs decreases. This causes our discs to flatten and often protrude causing the painful back and leg condition called sciatica. This condition is more likely to occur with people that spend hours in a sedentary position (sitting) on a chair with poor ergonomics without proper lumbar (low back) support. The flattening of the low back and loss of lumbar curve causes the aching back and leg pain associated with prolonged sitting in a poor position. It also predisposes our bodies to more serious and permanent disc problems.

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